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Department of Physics

Chair for Experimental Physics III - Ultrafast Nanooptics

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A full list of all courses is online here. Course material and up-to-date information on our courses is always on the eLearning server. Lecture notes are here.

Permanent offers

Laboratory on plasmonics
In the graduate course we offer a laborotariy on plasmonic which gives an impression of our research.

Matlab / Octave Self-study course
Either first semester student or first year PhD student, if you want to evaluate measurements, adjust models, display data, then you should take a look at GNU Octave or Matlab. With this e-learning course you can teach yourself and ask other users if you have any problems.

Overview on lectures on optics and spectroscopy

We try to offer a canon of lectures on optics and spectroscopy annually. This overview is also available as a pdf file with more details about the lectures.

Lectures in the master area can be combined to SCP, SPP, WFA, WFB. If you have any questions please contact M. Lippitz or J. Köhler.

Lecture Modern Optics (5. Semester Bachelor, 4 SWS)Hide

A good overview of the topic is given in the book by Saleh und Teich: Fundamentals of Photonics (80/UH 7500 S163)

Topics: Geometric optics, wave optics, Gaussian rays, Fourier optics, Maxwell equations, polarization, quantum optics / photon optics. Possibly integrated optics / fiber optics, negative refractive index and metamaterials, photonic crystals, nanooptics, optical components, nonlinear optics.

Lecture Nanooptics & Plasmonics (1. year Master, 2 SWS)Hide

A good overview of the topic is provided by the book by Hecht and Novotny: Principles of Nanooptics (80/UH 5600 N945). The topics are based on current scientific articles and vary from year to year. Here are the topics from 2015.

  • Quantifying the magnetic nature of light emission
  • Systematic determination of the absolute absorption cross-section of individual carbon nanotubes
  • Optical detection of single non-absorbing molecules using the surface plasmon resonance of a gold nanorod
  • Strongly modified plasmon-matter interaction with mesoscopic quantum emitters
  • Quantum interference in plasmonic circuits
Lecture Fundamentals of Spectroscopy (1. year Master, 2 SWS)Hide

This lecture is sometimes given as  4SWS in the first part of a semester, so that the 'Coherent Spectroscopy' below can follow in the second part.

Topics: light-matter-interaction, basics of static spectroscopy, basics of time resolved spectroscopy, spectroscopy of molecular aggregates, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, polarization spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy, multiphoton spectroscopy, non-linear spectroscopy.  Possible line widths & profiles of spectral line, laser cooling / atom traps

Lecture Coherent Spectroscopy (1. year Master, 2 SWS)Hide

This lecture is sometimes given as  4SWS in the second part of a semester, so that in the first part the above mentioned 'Basics of Spectroscopy' can be attended.

Topics: General two-level system,  spin 1/2 system, spin 1/2 system in two-level system language, Bloch's equations, Generalization to any two-level system, Feynman-Vernon-Hellwarth transformation, Density matrix representation of Bloch's equations. Possibly 2D spectroscopy, quantum optics: Quantum Cavity Danamics, Jaynes Cummings model, dressed states, Mollow Triplet, AC Stark effect

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