A full list of all courses is online here. Course material and up-to-date information on our courses is always on the eLearning server.

Current semester


Seminar in the graduate course: single molecule spectroscopy and quantum optics

by J. Köhler (EP IV) and M. Lippitz (EP III)

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Online course: Experiments in spectroscopy
This online course replaces the lecture "Spectroscopy of Soft Matter" with the parts "Fundamentals" and "Coherent Spectroscopy" as well as the lecture "Plasmonics and Nanooptics" at least for the time of the corona epidemic. From each of these topics we will discuss central experiments. I will present the basics in a script.  You will apply them, often using 'real' experimental data, which you will evaluate and interpret.

This all takes place on the elearning server.

Planing for the next semester

This list only describes the planned lectures. It thus still can change.


Lecture on molecular physics and solid state physics 1 (EPC1, FW-EPC1)

Further information


Laboratory on plasmonics
In the graduate course we offer a laborotariy on plasmonic which gives an impression of our research.


Overview on optics & spectroscopy lectures
We try to offer every year a set of lectures on optics and spectrosocpy. Here you find an overview of the subjects.

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