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The scientific focus of the chair is optical spectroscopy, i.e., the investigation of matter with light. We are using ultrafast laser pulses to follow the dynamics of the optical properties of materials on a femtosecond timescale

We are working in the field of ultrafast nanooptics and combine optical spectroscopy of ultrafast temporal resolution (femtoseconds) with high spatial resolution (nanometers). We use these methods to investigate single nanoobjects such as molecules, semiconductor nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles, but also two-dimensional nanosystems as graphene. One important tool is gold nanostructures that show a plasmon resonance and enhance, similar to radio antennas, the interaction of light with the nanoobject.

The former group of Prof. Alois Seilmeier had its focus on time-resolved spectroscopy of complex semiconductor heterostructures in the visible and near-infrared spectral region.

Since May 2017 Prof. Georg Herink is appointed as assistant professor to take over the labs of Alois Seilmeier. Georg is using real-time spectroscopy to investigate processes on short time scales.

Recent News


Bachelor thesis submitted

11.02.2021: Congratulations! Kilian has sucessfully finished his Bachelor thesis!


New Master Student

01.11.2020: Valentin Dichtl joined our group as a Master student. Welcome!


Patrick is leaving

31.10.2020: After six years at EPIII, Patrick is leaving for a job in industry. We wish him all the best!


Master thesis submitted

18.05.2020: Congratulations! Johannes has submitted his master thesis on linear and nonlinear spectroscopy on graphene and gold nanostructures.


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: We are happy to welcome Julian Alin as new Bachelor student.


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: Bachelor student Michael Stur started working in our group. Welcome!


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: We are happy to welcome Bachelor student Sebastian Matt in our team!


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: Kathrin Ständer joined our group as a Bachelor student. Welcome!


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: We are happy to welcome Sofia Schwarz as a new Bachelor student!


New Bachelor

02.05.2020: Bachelor student Kilian Wittmann joined our group. Welcome!

Simon Durst

New Masters Student

01.03.2020: We welcome back Simon, now starting his Masters thesis!


A single molecule

24.02.2020: Christian's paper on single molecule nonlinear optics in a plasmonic waveguide appears at Nano Letters! more ...

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